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Knowing which is the largest shopping site in the world is not an easy task. This is due to the fact that electronic commerce currently has great weighty representatives who, in order to stand out, value fundamental issues such as:

  • Omnichannel purchase journey
  • Personalization
  • Diversification and security in payment methods
  • Technology
  • Efficient logistics system
  • Effective communication channel
  • Presence on all channels
  • Investment in digital marketing
  • Transparency
  • Active and creative social networks

If e-commerce was just a trend before, today its success is a reality that only tends to grow, especially the retail market. Therefore, to achieve a prominent place, many companies will have to reinvent themselves and present differentials that win and retain their consumers.

In this scenario, the forecast is that global e-commerce will continue to evolve. The latest studies estimate a growth of 23% for the sector this year, and the expectation is that the results will be even better in the short term.

Online stores with the best offers and prices

To find out which is the largest shopping site in the world and to know the figures and stories of the largest online stores in the world, you just have to read this post to the end!

The Amazon

Amazon is a electronic shop e-commerce giant and its website is considered by many to be the largest shopping site in the world. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, this company originated from the sale of books. Today, it sells the most varied items, from household appliances to cleaning products.

One of the great differentials of the company is to offer the best experience to the consumer. It does this by presenting attractive prices, a wide range of products and fast deliveries.

The result could not be different, since year after year its turnover continues to increase, exceeding 10.000 million dollars. The factors that most contributed to this were:

  • Cloud service
  • Sales amount in the United States


Another giant computer store that bet heavily on cloud computing and made a staggering profit was China's Alibaba. Founded by Jack Ma in 1999, Alibaba has about 280 million active buyers in China alone and its differential elements are offering advertising to third-party companies and focusing on the sale of promotional services.


Another example that could not be missing from this list of the most important online stores in the world is eBay. Founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, this mobile store is considered one of the largest online stores in the world and its system was based on auctions. It then focused on direct purchase of goods and today, people can buy and sell almost any type of item on the platform.

In recent years the company focused on:

  • The user experience
  • The rise of advertising
  • Payment optimization


Walmart is considered by many to be the largest appliance store in the world, boasting a large number of deals and revenue that exceeds expectations. The concept of reinvention is one of the pillars of the company, which is always innovating in its logistics processes to offer its customers a good shopping experience. For this reason, he values ​​delivery to the right place and on time. In addition, it seeks to offer attractive prices to its customers.


Founded in 1950 by Werner Otto, one of the richest men in the world, the Otto Group is a German retail company that operates in e-commerce and is part of the reality of more than 20 countries.

With a strong presence mainly in Europe, this gift shop has built a strong position in e-commerce by spreading and strengthening its brand. It does so by investing in digital marketing and having a very relevant presence on social networks.

Focused on B2C e-commerce, the Chinese company was founded in 1998 and, to differentiate itself from the competition, it presents one of the most complete logistics infrastructures today by offering drone delivery.

In this way, it delights its customers, since it makes 90% of its deliveries on the same day and the rest take place, at most, the next day. In this context, the company values ​​the consumer experience through the use of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data.

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