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Do you know the history of electronic commerce? Present daily in the lives of thousands of people, the development of electronic commerce may seem recent, but it takes many years of practice and perfection.

After all, this modality, which was born in the mid-60s in the United States, has evolved a lot over the decades and even a century.

To help you learn about virtual stores around the world and how they came to be, TecnoBreak has prepared a comprehensive article on the history of e-commerce.

Read on and find out how and why eCommerce emerged to change the way consumers of all ages shopped!

What is electronic commerce?

Before visiting the past of electronic commerce and discovering how it came about, let us better understand what this electronic transaction is, which has been increasingly successful among consumers in different segments.

You know when you are using your cell phone or computer and find a product you want to buy, by clicking on it you will be directed to a page within a totally virtual store. This is e-commerce!

History of electronic commerce: the evolution of the modality

That is, when the process of buying and selling products is done electronically. These include mobile applications and the Internet. In this way, it is possible to find virtual stores in different areas and with transactions carried out online.

When did electronic commerce appear?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, electronic commerce emerged in the mid-1960s in the United States. In the beginning, their main focus was the exchange of order request files, that is, just showing the business owner that the customer was interested in ordering a certain product to buy.

The modality arose when telephone and internet companies began to use Electronic Data Interchange, or in its free translation, Electronic Data Interchange. They were intended to share files and business documents between companies.

Thus, with the popularization of the tool, especially among the self-employed, in the 90s two economic giants began to take an interest in the system, Amazon and eBay.

Simultaneously, the platforms worked to revolutionize e-commerce in the United States, always putting the consumer at the center of attention. As well as, of course, helping to establish some of the strategies used to this day!

But, over the years and with the success of computers and the Internet in the 90s, e-commerce began to gain more and more space in less developed countries as well. Thus, in 1996, the first records of virtual stores appeared in Spain.

However, it was only with the success of Submarino, in 1999, that consumers aroused some interest in buying books online, for example.

The first e-commerce records in Spain!

The history of electronic commerce in the country is very recent, however, in the early years, even in the 1990s, telephones and computers were not common among Spaniards. Thus, it can be said that the success of electronic transactions began in the XNUMXst century, with dial-up internet.

However, we cannot forget that in 1995, the writer and economist Jack London launched Booknet. The virtual bookstore was a pioneer in Spanish electronic commerce and even dared to promise to place the order within 72 hours.

History of electronic commerce: the evolution of the modality

In 1999 the store was bought and only then was it renamed Submarino. The famous brand that we know today as part of the B2W group, which is a merger of different e-commerce companies, such as Lojas Americanas, Submarino and Shoptime.

In addition, in the same year, big players emerged, that is, large investors capable of operating digital banks and allowing consumers to pay more easily. and Mercado Livre, for example, are currently considered the two largest e-commerce stores in Latin America with big players.

Main advantages of electronic commerce at the moment!

Imagine at the end of the XNUMXth century and the beginning of the XNUMXst century, if something as new as the Internet could offer so many advantages to consumers. Well, that was one of the reasons that led to electronic commerce being so successful as a commercial modality at the time.

After all, amid the technological evolutions and developments of the new century, electronic transactions were more readily available, with purchases made 24/7.

In addition to the wide variety of products and services, quick and convenient access and, of course, the biggest advantage for e-commerce stores: international reach!

How has e-commerce matured over the years?

The great expectation for online shopping caused thousands of companies to go bankrupt even before they were present in the virtual world. Thus, with the bursting of the "internet bubble" in 1999, many entrepreneurs were not sure how to start investing in this new modality.

But just two years later, in 2001, search engines such as Cadê, Yahoo, Altavista and Google already hosted online store banners. This year, digital retail moved around R$ 550 million in Spain.

In 2002, Submarino managed to maintain a balance between income and expenses from online sales, which served as an example for the maturation of other electronic businesses in the country.

Proof of this is that the following year, in 2003, Gol was the first company to sell airline tickets online. In the same year, two big names in e-commerce were born in Spain, Flores Online and Netshoes.

Thus, in 2003, the turnover of Spanish virtual stores was R$ 1,2 billion. Sales reached around 2,6 million consumers throughout the country.

A new era for electronic commerce!

Just two years later, e-commerce figures in Spain have doubled! This is because, almost a decade after the history of electronic commerce began here, in 2005, the modality reached R$ 2,5 billion in sales with a total of 4,6 million consumers totally online.

And the rise in ecommerce sales didn't stop there! In 2006, online store sales in the country exceeded all expectations and reached 76% in the sector, with a total of R$ 4,4 billion and 7 million virtual customers.

So big brands like Pernambucanas, Marabraz, Boticário and Sony also started selling on the Internet!

The expansion of electronic commerce in the coming years!

With the excellence of electronic commerce in 2006, the expectations for the coming years were even higher. Thus, in 2007, the decentralization of Spanish electronic commerce began.

The popularization and accelerated growth of Google sponsored links made it possible for micro and small businesses to also start investing in the main tips for e-commerce and digital marketing strategies. As a result, they began to compete on an equal footing with the big names in the market.

Thus, in 2007, e-commerce revenues in the country reached R$ 6,3 billion, with 9,5 million consumers.

But the growth didn't stop there! The following year brought even more surprises to the history of electronic commerce. That's because, in 2008, the social media phenomenon started in Spain! Thus, virtual stores take advantage of the expansion of channels such as Facebook and Twitter to invest in actions to promote their products.

This year, e-commerce revenues will reach R$ 8,2 billion and, finally, Spain reached the mark of 10 million e-consumers. Just one year later, in 2009, e-commerce figures in Spain represent R$10,5 billion in revenue and 17 million online customers!

The evolution of electronic commerce in the last decade!

And, not in vain, in the last decade the modality came to represent 4% of the total volume of retail, with much more potential for growth in the sector.

The mobile, for example, has been gaining more and more strength and prominence in electronic transactions. In addition, with the technological advances of the last decade, the accessibility and speed of stores has become even greater, conquering millions of new consumers.

With the innovations, e-commerce began to invest in strategies that offer discounts, exclusive offers and even sites with price comparisons. As a result, younger shoppers saw even more benefits from shopping online.
A new decade for the history of electronic commerce!

As of 2010, with the expansion of mobile e-commerce, online sales continue to grow significantly in the country. Thus, the billing number that in 2011 was R$ 18,7 billion evolved to almost 62 billion in 2019.

Furthermore, in 2020, according to the MCC-ENET index, Spanish e-commerce grew by 73,88%. A growth of 53,83% compared to 2019. It should be remembered that this increase was mainly due to social distancing as a form of prevention of COVID-19.

To complete, some articles and categories also had an increase in the number of sales and consumer attraction. On the FG Agency blog you will also find a special article on the 10 best-selling products during the new coronavirus pandemic!

The future of electronic commerce in Spain!

One thing is for sure, the history of e-commerce still has a lot of growing to do! After all, technological innovations hold expectations and challenges for which companies from different segments must be prepared.

In that sense, some of the main changes that the evolution of electronic commerce brings us are, without a doubt, purchases through voice commands and artificial intelligence. That's because this is a growth that has no limits and it is always necessary to be attentive to guarantee mobility and practicality for different consumption standards!

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