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Know how to add admin on instagram It is an important step if you have a profile of any kind on the social network. Through this, it is possible to maintain the publication calendar and be aware of everything that happens in the account.

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It is important to say that it is necessary that you have already made the switch to a business account on Instagram, which allows greater personalization and data control. With that done, just check out the tutorial below.

The change can only be made through the Meta Business Suite platform in the browser; the mobile version does not allow you to set up a new admin, and in addition, you also need to link your Instagram account with Facebook.

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By adding the Instagram account to your Facebook page, you are all set to appoint a person as an administrator. See the step by step below:

  1. Access the Meta Business Suite and, in the side menu, click on “Administrative functions”;
  2. In the “Assign a new admin role” section, select “Admin” if you want to control the page and all connected apps;
  3. If not, tap “Customize” and enter “Manage Features”;

    Access role management to allow people to manage Instagram accounts (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)
  4. On the new page, choose from the side menu, on the left side of the screen, “Instagram Accounts”;
  5. The Instagram profile linked to Facebook will appear, now just click on “Add people” and choose what they can or cannot do.
    Add people to manage Instagram profiles via Meta Business Suite (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

This is where the Instagram account owner can, in addition to adding admins, drop partner accounts, edit who has access to their account, or even remove them.

With the administrator role, the person can perform the following actions on Instagram through Meta Business Suite via browser, Android or iOS:

  • Create, manage and delete content for Instagram;
  • Send direct messages on the Instagram account;
  • Analyze and respond to comments, remove unwanted content, and run reports;
  • Create, manage and delete ads on Instagram;
  • See the performance of your account, content and ads on your Instagram account.

Among these actions, sending direct messages can only be done through the Instagram app, but Meta Business Suite always notifies you when a new message arrives. In addition to the administrator, who has full control over Instagram, you can also choose the functions:

  • Publisher: Access to Facebook with partial control;
  • Moderator: You can view tasks for message replies, community activity, announcements, and information;
  • Advertiser: access tasks for announcements and information;
  • Analyst: You can view tasks for information.

This is how to add admins or other roles on Instagram, all directly from Meta Business Suite and allows you to control all the features and which accounts the person can have access to.

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