How to remove formatting from a table in Excel?

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The latest editions of Microsoft Excel offer spectacular and fast tools, such as quite advanced formatting automation for tables. That's fine, but I noticed last day that it's impossible to merge cell ranges, for example, when converting the table.

And there, poof! …there is no way to remove that damn formatting 😕 …There is certainly [CTRL+Z]…but all of a sudden every single mid-edit is lost as well.

Actually, yes, it is feasible. But not truly deductible.

How to remove formatting from a table in Excel

How to remove formatting from a table in Excel?

To return to the beginning, the format of the table is carried out from the beginning tab:

  • select the cells of your table
  • click on the range “Conditional Formatting” > “Table Formatting”. All you have to do is click on the chosen color:

Aesthetic result, with the opportunity to organize by columns, subtotals, etc.

Removing this formatting logic would dictate that we procure a "Remove Formatting" or "Remove Styling" button. Yes it exists! But not very deductible:

  • click on a table cell
  • Click on the “Creation” tab, under “Table Tools” that appeared on the top right
  • Click on "Quick Styles"
  • and at the end, click on «Delete» at the bottom of the menu that had site.

But here it is. The styling has been removed, but the table formatting is still there! In other expressions, there is still no way to merge cells, for example :)

And this is where the trick comes in (TADAAA 8)!):

  • Repeat the first 2 steps above to get to the "Creation Tools" of your table
  • And there (should have known…), click on “Transform to Range”

And there is the miracle! You find the initial table (with the nice colors as a plus if you haven't removed the style before).

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