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InShot adds an app name tag overlaid to videos or photos edited in the app. Fortunately it is possible remove inshot watermark, and that without having to subscribe to the paid version of the service. Just watch a few seconds of advertising.

In the following tutorial, learn how to remove InShot watermark for free. Therefore, you can use the videos edited on the platform on other social networks without the name of the application above your creations.

  1. Open the InShot app on Android or iPhone (iOS);
  2. On the home screen, tap on “Video” or “Photo”. It may be necessary to release the app's access permissions to the mobile gallery;
  3. Find the video to remove the watermark and tap the green button at the bottom right corner;
  4. Tap on the “X” icon, just above the InShot watermark;
  5. Select the “Free Withdrawal” option;
  6. After 30 seconds of advertising, tap "Reward Given" in the upper left corner;
  7. Make the edits you want. Then tap on the share button in the top right corner;
  8. Set the video quality and click "Save".
How to remove the InShot watermark: watch an ad to remove the watermark (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho)

And soon. The app will save the video to your phone gallery without the InShot watermark.

Can I watermark multiple videos at the same time?

No. InShot watermark removal is only allowed on one video at a time. That is, you will need to repeat the tutorial for each file you want to remove the overlapping tag from.

How much does InShot Pro cost?

InShot Pro is offered in €19,90 (monthly subscription), €64,90 (annual plan), and €194,90 (one-time purchase) versions. This is an alternative if you don't want to see an ad every time you watermark InShot videos. The values ​​were consulted in May 2022.

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