How to delete Uber Eats account in a few steps from PC

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If you want to know how to delete your Uber Eats account, the app with which you can order food where you live, you should first know that this process is closely linked to the Uber travel app, since both services use the same user.

On the order delivery side, it is possible that they have up to two different accounts to work on Uber Eats, because this company offers the possibility of working with two means of delivery: motorcycles and bicycles.

Differences between Uber and Uber Eats

If we focus on the account that can be obtained by ordinary users who intend to use either service (for traveling or ordering food), there is no difference. For this type of user, deleting the Uber Eats account is similar to deleting the Uber account.

The Uber company platform does not make any differentiation between the accounts of its two different services, although it has two separate applications for them. This means that if you want to use Uber Eats, you will need to have previously created an account with Uber, the travel service.

The negative point of both accounts being linked in this way is that if a user wants to cancel the Uber Eats account, inevitably the Uber account will also be cancelled.

Given this somewhat limited scenario for the user, the best solution to delete the Uber Eats account but continue to have the Uber account is by uninstalling the food application from the device and not using said service again.

On the other hand, for the people who are in charge of the shipments (the workers), the process to delete the Uber Eats account is different. Drivers who are already using the ride app for work are advised to enable the Uber Eats service on the same account, although they can also create a separate account.

The explanation for this is that Uber Eats does not only work with delivery people who already work as Uber drivers, but also includes workers who are in charge of transporting orders on their bicycles or motorcycles.

How to delete an Uber Eats account

In any case, the process to cancel the Uber Eats account is the same as the one used to unsubscribe from Uber:

Ingresa al sitio web de Uber utilizando tus datos de acceso.
Dirígete a la sección de Ayuda > Opciones de pago y cuenta > Configuración de la cuenta y calificaciones.
Ve a la opción «Eliminar mi cuenta de Uber». Ingresa tu contraseña.
En la próxima pantalla, haz click en «Continuar».

If you cannot remove it, you will have to enter the following link and complete the form:

Note: you must be logged in to your account to be able to complete and submit the form.

Once the process is finished, Uber will keep all the account data for 30 days, so that if the user regrets having deleted it, they can use their account again. After this time, it will be permanently deleted and it will be impossible to recover it. So, think carefully if you really want to delete Uber Eats account.


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