Fortnite | How to open the secret door in Indiana Jones

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The bounty hunter Indiana Jones has arrived at the Fortnite on July 6, with a series of special tasks and skins. However, one of those quests has some players confused: opening the secret door beyond the main chamber in Shuffled Altars.

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This confusion has occurred because there is a puzzle to be solved. See how to do this below.

The mission is essential to secure the skin of Indiana Jones (Photo: Disclosure / Epic Games)

How to open the secret door in Indiana Jones

  1. First, go to the shuffled altars. You can find it on the game map and even enter a marker.
  2. Now, find four painted rocks around the place and write (or memorize) the pictures on them, in the correct order. The designs change every game, that is, they will never be the same.
    Visit the rocks in the indicated order (Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks)

    3. After visiting the four rocks, head to the secret door, located underground.

    4. Rotate the rocks until the combination is identical to the symbols found, in the correct order.

    5. After placing the pictures in the correct order, the front door will open. You will have to go through a corridor full of traps; to cross it, run at full speed and slide. Preferably do this at full health and shield.

    6. Now look for a secret passageway, hidden by a plant.

We are talking about this passage here (Screenshot: Felipe Goldenboy/TecnoBreak)

As soon as you pass this entrance, you will complete the quest! In the place, still, you will find two special chests and a totem with many gold bars. But beware: a rock will fall next; so run!

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Fortnite is free to play online and is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC consoles, as well as Android and iOS phones (via Xbox Cloud Gaming).

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