How to know who visited my profile on Telegram

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You have probably wondered: is there a way to know who visited my profile on Telegram? Unlike the social networks of the past, such as Orkut, almost none of the current ones allow access to this information. But then how to get around this?

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Is there any way to know who visited my profile on Telegram?

Going straight to the point, the answer is quite simple: there is no native method that allows this, however, there is a platform capable of getting around this situation. Also, you can use the native options of the messenger to make some assumptions. See below for more details!

1. Television

Through the Tele View application, you can find out who has viewed your profile, but there is a warning: sometimes the application is forcibly closed by the operating system, and there are times when it does not recognize the messenger profile saved on the phone. Even requiring an access password, it is interesting that you do not use one by default, to avoid security breaches or possible leaks.

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  1. Download Tele View (Android) on your cell phone and, when opening it, give it the necessary permissions;
  2. Enter your email, phone number registered in Telegram, create a password and log in;
  3. Wait until the platform recognizes the profile saved on your cell phone;
  4. In the "Visitors" tab, you can find out who has viewed your profile;
  5. By accessing the "Visited" tab, it is possible to know which profiles you have visited.
How to find out who visited my profile on Telegram; use the Tele View app (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

2. Check certain activities

Another way to identify the possibility that someone has viewed your profile is to identify certain activities. For example, if the person hasn't talked to you in a while, they may have looked up your profile in their address book, started the conversation, and then viewed your profile. If the person has added you to a group or channel, there is also a chance that they have accessed your profile.

3. See if the person called you

If the person called you, it is very likely that they have opened your conversation or have seen your profile. This is because unless you call each other very frequently and the call was made from your call history, these are the only ways to make a call.

Clever! From now on, you have access to tools that let you know if the person has visited your Telegram profile, or at least get an idea.

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