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The PlayStation Plus subscription service was reformulated in June 2022. Users can now choose between three different plans, the two most expensive, Deluxe and Extra, have a catalog of exclusive games and games from partner companies, in addition to some retro PS1, PS2 and PSP titles.

If you are deciding whether to subscribe, the TechnoBreak separated the best games from the PS Plus Deluxe and Extra catalog. Since the list is huge, we have only listed the top 15. It's also worth noting that just like with Game Pass, some titles may drop out of the catalog after a set period.

15. Until Dawn

Inspired by cliche horror movies, until sunrise accepts the joke and offers one of the best games of the genre. In the story, ten young people spend a weekend in a cabin, but after a bad joke, two twin sisters fall off a cliff and die. Years later, they return to the place, haunted by apparitions and strange events. Here, the player will have to make various decisions, press the right buttons, and even not move in order to keep the characters alive.

14. Batman: Arkham Knight

The third game in the franchise. arkham sets the player to explore Gotham City using the Batmobile, the hero's classic vehicle. This time, the big threat is the Scarecrow, who intends to contaminate the city with a hallucinogenic gas. Therefore, the entire population evacuates the place, leaving only Batman, the police, and the numerous enemies.

13. Naruto Shippuden: The Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Attention otaku! The last chapter of the saga. storm en naruto is in the catalog In story mode, players relive the arc of the Fourth Shinobi War from all sides of the conflict and even play as characters like Madara Uchiha and Kabuto Yakushi, for example. Faithfully following the story of the manga and anime, the game ends with Naruto and Sasuke together in the Valley of the End. In battle mode, the game features the largest cast of playable characters, with all the ninjas that have already appeared in the franchise.

12. Command

In this action-adventure game, you take on the role of Jesse Faden. When he arrives at the Federal Department of Control in search of answers about the disappearance of his brother, he discovers that supernatural forces have taken over the place... and that she has become the director of the department! The gameplay focuses on shooting powers and telekinesis, and the story is complex and layered: in fact, the game takes place in the same universe as Alan WakeAnother creation from the same studio.

11. Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

A catalog of Ubisoft games is included with your PS Plus subscription. One of these games is Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, which tells the saga of Eivor, a Viking who leads a tribe to invade and conquer the west of England. As a good role-playing game, the player must form political alliances, build settlements and make important decisions through dialogue, which directly impact the world and the story of the game.

10. Marvel's Spider-Man (and Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

The friendly neighborhood is on PS Plus. Here, the game takes place years after Uncle Ben's death and features a much more mature Peter Parker. The game features a fun story, smooth gameplay, and iconic villains, like the new Mister Negative, who throws Spidey's life into chaos. The continuation, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Moralesshows Miles trying to control his powers with the help of Peter, while dealing with the normal dramas of any teenager.

9. Demon Souls

This is a remake of the 2009 game released for PS3, the first title in the FromSoftware series. souls. You explore the kingdom of Boletaria, which was once a prosperous land but has now become hostile and uninhabitable due to a dark mist created by King Allant. As with any "soul" game, expect extremely challenging combat.

8. Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut

Tsushima ghost It is one of the best PS4 games. Filled with colorful settings and natural riches, the game takes place in the era of feudal Japan and has strong inspirations from Akira Kurosawa's cinema. The story follows Jin Sakai, the last samurai who needs to liberate the Tsushima region from the Mongol invaders. However, it will be necessary to form alliances in the shadows, and some of them may go against the samurai code of ethics.

7. Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy

Nobody expected much from the Guardians of the Galaxy game after the failure of marvel avengers. However, it was a pleasant surprise! The player takes on the role of Peter Quill, Star-Lord, and can also send commands to the rest of the group, which is Rocky, Groot, Gamora, and Drax. In the story, they have to pay a fine to the Nova Corps, but find out that they are all being brainwashed by a church. Special mention deserves the good humor of the dialogues.

6. Return

A complete dish for those who like action, he came back mix up a fight bullet hell (bullet hell, in free translation) with rogue-like mechanics, in which the levels are created procedurally. In the story, an astronaut named Selene crash lands on a mysterious planet and ends up finding her own dead bodies and audio recordings, until she realizes that she is, in fact, trapped in a time loop. That is, if you die, you go back to the beginning of the game, with only a few essential items.

5. God of War

Kratos has always been a bloodthirsty and brutal god, but in God of War, 2018, he just wants to be a good father, and that is no easy task. After the death of his wife, he and his son Atreus travel to the highest peak of the mountain to throw her ashes into the wind. However, they meet monsters and other gods from Norse mythology along the way.

4. Horizon Zero Dawn

Just the first game in the series. horizon It's in the PS Plus catalog. It is an action-adventure RPG that takes place in a world dominated by machines hostile to humans. Despite so much loose technology, the population returned to live in tribes, full of taboos and conservatism. In the midst of the chaos is Aloy, a girl exiled for not having a mother, but who ends up exploring the world and unraveling the mysteries of this land.

3. Director's Cut of Death Stranding

it's hard to define death stranding: some will love it, and some will hate it. The game is a kind of walking simulator, in which the protagonist, Sam Bridges, needs to make deliveries in a devastated United States, whose population lives isolated in bunkers. In the story, rain speeds up the time of everything it touches (and thus ages it too). As if that weren't enough, invisible creatures roam the land, and they can only be detected with the right equipment: a baby inside an incubator.

2. Bloodborne

Developed by FromSoftware (same creators of Elden Ring is dark souls), bloodborne is a very difficult game. However, it is more than that: it is a dark and macabre game with strong Lovecraftian inspirations. The player controls the Hunter in the ancient town of Yharnam, a place occupied by a strange disease that has plagued the local population with death and madness.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the most outstanding games of the last generation, red dead redemption 2 It's a journey to the Wild West, with a huge living open world, stunning visuals and creative quests. You control Arthur Morgan, a member of Dutch Van der Linde's gang, and must restore the group's prestige while dealing with internal intrigue and local authorities after a robbery goes wrong. The story takes place before the events of the first game, released on PS3, so you don't have to play the first game to venture into the second.

A list of all the games in the catalog is available on Sony's official website here.

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