What is Nicegram?

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You may have heard of it before, probably related to issues like piracy for example, but still not sure what Nicegram is. See below for more details about the messenger using a Telegram API!

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What is Nicegram and how does it work?

Nicegram is an instant messaging application developed with the Telegram API. This means that it is visually similar and shares some features of the original platform, but offers some different features.

See what Nicegram is and how it works, a messaging app that uses the Telegram API (Image: Playback/Nicegram)

Among them, it is worth highlighting some, such as the automatic occlusion of chats that are not accessed very often, the possibility of having up to ten profiles instead of three (as originally implemented in the standard Telegram application), custom folders and tabs and anonymous forwarding.

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Join channels blocked by Telegram

One of the reasons why Nicegram stood out is precisely because it allows and facilitates access to channels that are blocked on Telegram for going against the rules and security policies established by the company, that is, they share some type of pirated content or pornographic. .

Is it illegal to use Nicegram?

Like Telegram, its use is not illegal. What you can't do is simply use a messaging loophole to access content illegally, or even if it's legal, you're not sure where it came from.

It is not uncommon for such content to be used to spread viruses and malware. Therefore, it is always important to take care of your privacy and your data, always being careful when accessing links or pages,

Another factor to consider is that the group in question you are trying to access may have been blocked by Telegram for a very fair reason. Please keep this in mind when attempting to access content that is blocked for violating privacy policies.

Is Nicegram safe?

Since Nicegram uses the Telegram codebase, all your individual conversations are end-to-end encrypted. Since messenger is open sourced, any user can access and view it through the developer page on GitHub.

Clever! Now you know what Nicegram is, how the platform works and the reasons why it was revealed.

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