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Search for tech skills ads increased 47% in five years

Advertising space has increased the demand for professionals with technological skills by 47% in the last five years, while creative skills have decreased by 17% in the same period. The data is from the LinkedIn social network.

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According to the study, from 2015 to 2021 the ratio of hired creative positions to technical ones increased by 25%. Finally, advertising lost 5,5% more people than it gained in the period, pointing to concerns about this market in the coming years.

For Ana Moises, director of marketing solutions at LinkedIn, on a superficial reading, the data does not say much, but it does point to a path of increasing technology in a sector that has historically always depended on human creativity.

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LinkedIn data points to falling demand for creative skills in advertising (Image: Playback/Unsplash)

“This flow of talent and demand for skills leaves a very clear message: the advertising market is investing and giving more and more space to digital and technological transformations. Creativity is still a fundamental part, but now it needs to be complemented with other skills”, she says.

“The advertising industry needs to focus its efforts on winning over the next generation of talent. This is a market that has been changing over the years, bringing several new tools and ways of practicing the profession. Social networks are the main ones, an environment that the new generations dominate almost naturally and can be one of the great attractions to arouse the interest of these young people in this career”, says Moisés.

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