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Prevent saved stickers from disappearing from WhatsApp

The fame that WhatsApp has acquired in recent years is more than remarkable, considering that it is the most widely used instant messaging app in most countries in the world.

But to understand its high popularity, it is necessary to point out that it is the most used due to its simple interface, its ease of use, the large number of functions it offers and the constant updates.

Anyway, WhatsApp is not foolproof. Indeed, at the moment there is no application for mobile devices that is perfect.

This does not mean that the application has major flaws or annoying problems that affect the user experience or security, but it may have an error in some versions that are later fixed in the next one.

Although on the other hand we find apps like Telegram that offer greater fluidity in chats, they offer fewer WhatsApp functions, which means that they are backward versions and that they incorporate them later than the Facebook messenger.

But let's go back to the problems that WhatsApp can present: for some users it can be something insignificant, but for others it is very annoying. We refer to the stickers that are saved by users and then disappear, which means that they must be searched for and saved again.

The stickers that disappear in WhatsApp

Prevent saved stickers from disappearing from WhatsApp

WhatsApp gained more popularity when it incorporated the stickers function. Without a doubt, it was a shameless copy of what other apps like Telegram and Line had already been doing. But after all, it's what all platforms do. When they see that a feature is popular with the competition, they copy it.

Nowadays, it is a reality that WhatsApp stickers are widely used and that they are here to stay in the app for a long time.

However, the problem here is that the operation of the stickers is not as effective, especially with regard to the way in which the stickers are downloaded and the read notifications of the same.

Sometimes, many people choose to resort to third-party apps to correctly manage the stickers, which helps to store, organize and locate them.

This is when the disappearance of the stickers in WhatsApp is caused. Which causes surprise and anger in users.

Fortunately, we can resort to a very simple solution to prevent this from happening.

In most cases, deleting stickers occurs on smartphones that have the battery saving option activated. Certain Android phones have this functionality that serves to set a limit on the actions of apps that consume a high level of battery, such as WhatsApp, Facebook and the like, blocking background tasks and, therefore, stopping the interaction with applications that complement these.

How to prevent stickers from being deleted?

  1. From your Android phone, go to Settings and do a search using the internal search engine. You should find the “Battery optimization” function.
  2. Once inside, tap on “No permission” and then “All applications”. All installed apps will be listed.
  3. Locate in this list the secondary application that you use to add sticker packs to WhatsApp. Tap on this app.
  4. Immediately a window opens that will ask you if you want to allow the stickers app to use all the necessary resources of the phone or if you want to limit consumption so that the battery lasts longer.
  5. Choose the “Allow” option, so this sticker app will use the maximum potential of the device.

That is all!

Thus, you will have already configured the stickers app for WhatsApp at maximum performance, with which you will be preventing the phone (to save battery) from automatically deleting the stickers you save.


Tommy Banks
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